The (unplanned) moments in between

my baby and me

I forget exactly how the quote goes but it’s basically about the moments in life that matter being the ones that happen “in between” or when you’re not expecting or forcing them. Although I’m a planner and am particular about things being the way I like them, I realize more and more that the good stuff comes when plans aren’t being made, when moments just happen on their own. I had a small example of that happen today. I was taking pictures of Ellie quietly eating her snack by the back door (a rare occurrence that must be documented). It was a cute moment that looked like it could make a cute picture. But what happened next was even better.

She eventually noticed me and when I moved to my stomach to get a different angle she was entertained: “Mama do cobra,” said my little yogi. Then she got on her tummy. And then she got closer and got on her tummy again. My little yogi copy cat.

Then she got up and came around to “do cobra” right next to me. And I grabbed my phone and snapped away because this moment was THE moment. The one that mattered, the one that I’m still gushing over hours later. Exchanging smooches, nuzzles and laughs with my love – moments don’t get better than that. Nothing can top it. Catching it on film is just icing on the cake! If I had tried to get these pictures it would have never happened.

Oh and this might be why I’m always getting the “storage almost full” notice on my iPhone. But who can blame me?!storage almost full

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