kid friendly nontoxic easter egg

Nontoxic Easter Egg Decorating – for Kids (and Adults too)!

With Easter a week away, I spent some (ok, maybe too much) time on Pinterest “researching” some ideas for Easter egg decorating methods that don’t involve using food coloring. Seeing as it’s important that I keep artificial coloring and food dyes out of Ellie’s diet altogether, I figured, hey, if there’s a fun way to avoid food dyes and still give Ellie the Easter egg decorating experience, then why not?!

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organic kid safe nail polish

Natural Product Review: Organic Edible Nail Polish for Kids (+ Giveaway)

I had to invite Ellie in on this review since this is a natural product all for her. She’s a typical two-year-old who wants to do everything Mama does, but all by herself.

I’m not about to hand over my nail polish (even if it is 5- or 10-free polish!!) but I happily provided her with Kidlicks’ organic edible nail polish for her to go to town with. All by herself.

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