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Monthly Baby Photos: 10 creative ideas!

Monthly Baby Photos: 10 creative ways to document your baby’s first twelve months

FACT: Your newborn baby will grow and change more in their first year of life than any other time.

It’s not as if we needed a fact to give us a reason for documenting our amazing and fast-developing babies. But it’s true – and it’s why the monthly baby photos are so popular and fun. It’s incredible to be able to see how much a baby physically changes in their first year by looking at side-by-side progression photos.

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progression baby photos

Monthly Baby Photos – Documenting the first year

I knew I wanted to document Ellie’s growth and progression in monthly baby photos but I wanted to do something other than the standard number on a onesie. Don’t get me wrong – I think those are super adorable but I wanted to see if we could come up with something a little out of the box. I tend to like to complicate simple things, even when I have a brand new baby apparently…

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my baby and me

The (unplanned) moments in between

I forget exactly how the quote goes but it’s basically about the moments in life that matter being the ones that happen “in between” or when you’re not expecting or forcing them. Although I’m a planner and am particular about things being the way I like them, I realize more and more that the good stuff comes when plans aren’t being made, when moments just happen on their own. I had a small example of that happen today. I was taking pictures of Ellie quietly eating her snack by the back door (a rare occurrence that must be documented). It was a cute moment that looked like it could make a cute picture. But what happened next was even better.

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handmade toddler poncho

The handmade hand-me-down poncho

I’ve always had a favorite baby picture of myself, I’m in the cutest little hooded poncho made by my Gramma and wearing baby Nike Cortez shoes. Not too long ago my mom came across the poncho and naturally I vowed to recreate the picture with Ellie. And then months went by and I (naturally) forgot about it. Since I don’t trust such an “important” picture to my still-developing photography skills, I enlisted E’s Uncle Chris. We got her decked out in her poncho (a little small for her now) and somehow she cooperated and let him snap away.

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engagement photos

Throwing it back to our Engagement Photo Shoot on this Cinco de Mayo

I have to work late tonight and would love to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo instead (although we know it’s not really a Mexican holiday, more an excuse to drink margaritas and dress the table in colorful decor)…so I went back through my old engagement photos to find a fun one to post on Instagram in virtual celebration.

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newborn photos at the hospital

Ellie’s Newborn Photos – at the hospital

Ellie was born at 4:32pm on August 19, 2013.

The same friends that took our Maternity photos came to visit us the day after Ellie was born. She had just had her first bath (which was an awful experience) and I was in desperate need of one. I love that I brought a cute nightgown and clean clothes to change into and I never even took a shower…typical! I wasn’t expecting to have any pictures taken but once again, I’m so happy we have these. Wasn’t she the most gorgeous newborn!??

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Maternity Photos

It’s so crazy to think, especially after seeing these awesome photos, that I wasn’t going to have maternity photos taken. I figured, who is really going to care to look at pictures of a BUMP once there is an actual BABY to look at?!? But my photographer friend (visit her here) talked me into it and I’m so glad she did. I’m so happy to have this unique and special time in my life captured. Pregnancy wasn’t an easy ride for me – but looking back on it through these pictures help me remember it for the beautiful experience it was.

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