how to get through sleep regression

Rambling Thoughts on Sleep Regression

I know better. I’ve been through it before. I know well enough that it might feel like the end of the world but really it’ll be such a small tiny blip of time in the grand scheme of things. I even knew it was coming so I wasn’t surprised, and yet here I am, starting to feel overwhelmed by it again.

The dreaded 3 to 4 month sleep regression. 

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fear about having another child

Dear Diary: How fear has played a role in my decision to get pregnant again

I went through about a dozen titles for this post before settling on this one.

It’s clear that the underlying factor in my hesitation to have another child is fear. Fear of the tangible realities – pregnancy discomfort, exhaustion, newborn challenges, financial strain – but also, and maybe more so, fear of the unknown, fear of more change and uncertainty.

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newborn photos at the hospital

Ellie’s Newborn Photos – at the hospital

Ellie was born at 4:32pm on August 19, 2013.

The same friends that took our Maternity photos came to visit us the day after Ellie was born. She had just had her first bath (which was an awful experience) and I was in desperate need of one. I love that I brought a cute nightgown and clean clothes to change into and I never even took a shower…typical! I wasn’t expecting to have any pictures taken but once again, I’m so happy we have these. Wasn’t she the most gorgeous newborn!??

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