newborn hospital photos

Welcoming Baby Layla – Newborn Photos at the Hospital

On the morning of June 30th, at 4:08am, we welcomed our second daughter – Layla Josephine. Although she made us wait an extra 8 days past her due date, once she was on her way, she moved pretty quickly, arriving 9 1/2 hours after my water broke. My mom and sister were in the delivery room (my Dad stayed home with big sister Ellie) and Chris got to catch her, pulling her out by holding under her armpits and placing her on my chest. He didn’t have time to put gloves on – neither did the midwife – because once I started pushing, she came out much quicker than expected. You’ll hear me complain every day about pregnancy pains and discomforts but I’ve been blessed with two relatively smooth deliveries. It doesn’t escape me how fortunate I am.

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newborn photos at the hospital

Ellie’s Newborn Photos – at the hospital

Ellie was born at 4:32pm on August 19, 2013.

The same friends that took our Maternity photos came to visit us the day after Ellie was born. She had just had her first bath (which was an awful experience) and I was in desperate need of one. I love that I brought a cute nightgown and clean clothes to change into and I never even took a shower…typical! I wasn’t expecting to have any pictures taken but once again, I’m so happy we have these. Wasn’t she the most gorgeous newborn!??

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