Birthday Trip to Valle de Guadalupe – Mexico’s Wine Country

You know how it is when you keep hearing about a certain place over and over and finally decide you can’t ignore it anymore, right? Well that was Valle de Guadalupe for me. For the past two years, I have been hearing about this GORGEOUS wine country just south of the border and it was time to see it for myself. My birthday was coming up so what better excuse?

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cinco de mayo toddler photos

Impromptu Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot

I love Cinco de Mayo but had honestly forgotten today was the holiday until Ellie’s Uncle Chris reminded me about the adorable dress he bought her on a recent trip to Mexico. With only an hour of sunlight left in the day, we managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot. A “pretty dress,” fun props and a hose got little miss to cooperate quite well…and end up quite soaked.

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engagement photos

Throwing it back to our Engagement Photo Shoot on this Cinco de Mayo

I have to work late tonight and would love to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo instead (although we know it’s not really a Mexican holiday, more an excuse to drink margaritas and dress the table in colorful decor)…so I went back through my old engagement photos to find a fun one to post on Instagram in virtual celebration.

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