kid friendly nontoxic easter egg

Nontoxic Easter Egg Decorating – for Kids (and Adults too)!

With Easter a week away, I spent some (ok, maybe too much) time on Pinterest “researching” some ideas for Easter egg decorating methods that don’t involve using food coloring. Seeing as it’s important that I keep artificial coloring and food dyes out of Ellie’s diet altogether, I figured, hey, if there’s a fun way to avoid food dyes and still give Ellie the Easter egg decorating experience, then why not?!

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tutu making tulle

A Tutu Making Station for a Toddler Birthday Party

Call me cheesy, but I think activities at birthday parties (or any party for that matter) are a lot of fun! Anything that gets people involved and having a great time is a good thing.

I didn’t have a particular theme in mind when planning Ellie’s 2nd birthday party. All I knew is that I really wanted to create a tutu – actually a “two-two” – making station and have all her little friends make and take a tutu of their own creation. The play on words was too good to pass up (again, call me cheesy)!

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