“Pee Pee Potty” – Second Stage in Pre-Potty Training

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Ellie has been showing a lot of interest in peeing (and watching the pee pee come out of her pee pee) lately. We talk about it when I change her diapers, we have a book about Elmo going potty. I’ve even been allowing her to pee on her diaper-changing pad –half the time she just squats and nothing happens – and I’ve celebrated with her each time it happens. The first time or two, I thought it was a happy coincidence but now that it has happened a few times, I’m thinking she really might have some control over it.

We bought a potty and set it up last night while she was sleeping. Tonight she found it and was obsessed with sitting on it (clothed) and kept pointing at it saying “pee pee potty” while she was taking a bath. Post-bath, she asked for it again, we plopped her down, told her to go pee pee (yeah right, eye roll), and clapped for her when she sat down. 10 seconds later she popped up and low and behold there was pee! Amazing! I’m going to make a habit of putting her on the potty after every bath (this is the time she would squat on the changing pad and pee) because she’s obviously getting used to this routine. Then I’ll find another time or two during the day, also connected to some routine, to put her on it and then eventually she’ll make a more permanent connection between the two. I’m so proud of her – only 16 months old and working hard!

I wrote about the previous stage here and the following stage here.

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