Our First Post-Baby Date Night

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Like a true Leo, I usually don’t mind a big celebration for my birthday, but this year I really didn’t expect much considering I had a 5 week old newborn, not even a good nights’ sleep! But Chris insisted we do something, so we hired a babysitter, crossed our fingers and enjoyed our first post baby date night in celebration of the big 3-4.

Even though it had only been 5 weeks, it still felt like such a novelty to get dressed up, and to wear something that didn’t have to be milk stain or breastfeeding friendly. And of course to have a drink and enjoy some uninterrupted conversation. It doesn’t take much to excite me these days!

I find it pretty difficult to dress myself post-baby. It’s not like the baby arrives and I can go immediately back to my old clothes. I become stuck in between maternity clothes that are too large and my “regular” clothes that are still too small. My daily uniform becomes yoga pants and baggy tops.

I actually grew to love maternity clothes, especially the dresses that highlight the baby bump and I got so many of my favorites at Pink Blush Maternity – like this dress and this one.

Pink Blush also has some awesome non-maternity clothes that are working really well for this in between stage I’m in. The materials are forgiving and functional and the styles are cute, as I’m working my way out of yoga pants every day (or I just wear them WITH yoga pants!).

post baby style fashion

The black and white striped maxi dress I wore for my birthday date night was perfect for this stage – loose enough to hide the 5 week postpartum “bump” and cute enough to feel like a normal person, at least for the evening.

I babysat all the way through high school and college so I know that the truth can be stretched sometimes but the sitter reported that the girls were really well behaved and she didn’t seem to be scared off. Success! We were only gone for 3 hours but it was a much appreciated 3 hours and I look forward to the next date night, maybe we’ll go for 4 hours next time.post baby style fashion

Cheers to date nights!

postpartum fashion

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