“Poo-poo” – First Stage in Pre-Potty Training??

signs of early potty training
My 13-month-old just told me she had a poopy diaper.

We were playing peek-a-boo and she was looking at me from under a chair when she stopped the game to say “poo-poo” (well, it sounded more like boo-boo but no judgement). I couldn’t get to her fast enough! Did she just say poo-poo without me saying it first?! I mean, we had been working on this for a couple weeks. And by working on this I mean that I had been saying the word to her every time I had the joy of changing a poopy diaper. I didn’t know what I was expecting to happen – I just figured she should know the word that was associated with what Mommy was cringing at. And now she’s saying it! I didn’t even have to stick my nose in close (friends cringe every time I do the bottom-sniff), there was definitely one on board!

“Good girl! Good girl, Ellie! Mama is so proud!” I couldn’t help myself, there are few times I’ve felt prouder as a mother. And then of course I got ahead of myself. Could she be an early potty-trainer?? I was doing the math in my head…how much money could I save if she potty trained 6 months earlier than normal?

But really, what was most exciting was that Ellie had connected an action (not just a thing) to a word, to a meaning. This deserves a celebration! Let’s go get that diaper changed….

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