Natural Responses to Baby’s First Fever

how do essential oils work?

Ellie got her first really high fever this weekend. I can’t lie – it freaked me out to see her temperature nearing 103°! I kept swiping the thermometer thinking it was somehow a mistake. I had the 100.2° number in my mind from when she was a newborn and the doctors warned us of the dangers of a high temperature. Thanks to a call to the advice nurse, we learned that an ER visit wasn’t mandatory and were told to keep her hydrated and to do whatever we could to bring her temperature down. Instead of running to grab the children’s tylenol, I decided to see if peppermint essential oil could cool her down. I swiped some coconut oil in my palm, dropped 2 drops of oil, rubbed them together and applied it to her forehead, back of her neck and the bottoms of her feet. Poor thing was so hot! I repeated the process 15 minutes later and took her temperature again. It had dropped over a degree. Relief!

There’s a school of thought that believes you shouldn’t reduce a fever too much. If your temperature is high it means your body is fighting off an infection. Seeing Ellie’s temperature drop even the little bit that it did made me feel comfortable enough to let her body do its thing. I applied some flu bomb to the bottoms of her feet to help support her system in its fight.

IMG_3521It turns out Ellie’s fever was the first sign of what turned out to be Roseola. Her fever continued to drop for a day or so and as soon as it was gone, the rash appeared. There wasn’t much I could do at that point other than wait it out. I did apply Lavender oil to her rashes to help soothe…and after 2 days, the rash is gone as well.

We survived our first fever! And as always, I’m relieved to have had natural solutions to turn to for support.

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