Natural Product Review: Organic Edible Nail Polish for Kids (+ Giveaway)

organic kid safe nail polish

I had to invite Ellie in on this review since this is a natural product all for her. She’s a typical two-year-old who wants to do everything Mama does, but all by herself.

I’m not about to hand over my nail polish (even if it is 5- or 10-free polish!!) but I happily provided her with Kidlicks’ organic edible nail polish for her to go to town with. All by herself.

organic kid safe nail polish

I didn’t have the worry about the mess (because it washes off easily with water and a little soap) – or even if she got it in her mouth (which she did), because it’s totally edible. She even asked me to try it, and it wasn’t half bad.

Here she is in action:

And I even got am organic edible nail polish manicure out of the deal!

organic kid safe nail polish


I’ve partnered with Kidlicks for a giveaway this weekend. Just follow each of us on instagram and get one entry for every friend tagged. Giveaway ends on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. PST.

Kidlicks also offers 10% off a first time purchase on their website.

Happy painting!



5 thoughts on “Natural Product Review: Organic Edible Nail Polish for Kids (+ Giveaway)

  1. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of this polish before, but it sounds perfect for kids! I’m always scared to paint my one-year-old’s nails because she moves so much, but if the polish washes easily and is edible, I think I can definitely do it!

  2. What a fabulous product and how fun (and safe) for Ellie! I’m dying over here watching the video, her face! Great find!

  3. I’ve been meaning to buy this for my girls for a while now. I absolutely love the Non-Toxic/Organic/Edible idea all together in one. Can’t wait to get them and have some Mommy and Me girlie fun 🙂

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