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manuka honey mask

“What’s your skin ID?” Om Aroma & Co asks, providing a quick skin ID quiz to help provide the answer. We all have different skin types and different concerns, some of us with multiple concerns (I’m raising my hand!!) and this organic skincare line makes it a point to address them all.

One of the products recommended for me was the Pumpkin Serum which treats hyper pigmentation, age spots (thanks to the high amount of rosehip seed oil) and renews the skin “through cellular regeneration and provides intensive repair treatment with Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc.”

I was lucky enough to get to sample the Pumpkin Serum (Renew) along with two others – the Raspberry Serum (Protect) and Carrot Rose Serum (Glow), all of which smell heavenly and are so smooth and velvety.  I can tell you that by looking at my sample vials, the one I used most was the Pumpkin “Renew” to fight wrinkles and sunspots. I sometimes used the Raspberry “Protect” on top of it because of its UV-A and UV-B protection. I loved the glow the serums gave my skin. I wish I didn’t have to put face makeup over them most days!!

My facial skin can be sensitive to products with essential oils so I had to be cautious when trying the serums. I was pleasantly surprised that they are not super heavy or even oily feeling. They’re thin and seep into the skin quickly and nicely, it’s impressive.

manuka honey mask

I was most excited to try the Manuka Honey Masque because I LOVE a good mask…and I also have learned about the powerful benefits of Manuka honey recently. “Masking” has become the only real way I feel like I can deep clean my skin and get that “glow” to be revealed. If I haven’t done a mask within the week, it starts nagging at me, like its time for some pampering and good cleansing.

Manuka honey is incredible stuff. Produced in New Zealand, it has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal us inside and out. Topically, it has been used effectively as a treatment for acne and eczema. More about the “Manuka Miracle” can be found on Om Aroma & Co’s site.

manuka honey mask

Above and beyond the manuka honey’s detoxifying properties, papaya & apricot enzymes in the mask gently remove dull skin cells to brighten skin.

The directions suggest that you apply the warmed up mask on a clean face and cover with a warm moist towel. I followed the directions to a T the first two times I applied the mask. And you know what happened – BOTH times, I fell asleep!! Doh! Depending on how you look at it, that could be a good or a bad thing but apparently I needed it and it was a nice little bonus…but it deterred me from using it again for awhile because who really has time for a nap?! The next few times I used the mask, I applied it in the shower and let the steam do the penetrating and then washed it off before toweling off. Each time I used the mask, I noticed my skin was smoother and a little brighter.

If the products themselves aren’t enough to be excited about, Om Aroma produces their products locally (in New York) and through the Dollars & Scents program, they hire women who are re-entering the work force after taking time off to raise children.

The line is organic and free of parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances. 

They offer free shipping on any order over $50 plus 10% off for first time customers.

Enjoy some healthy pampering! 


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