Not Mutually Exclusive

“If you say A, then you must believe B” .

I see a lot of this. You say one thing, and someone fills in the blanks about the rest. I know it’s human behavior but it’s also not fair to believe that certain beliefs are mutually exclusive.

I can have questions about the current state of events and also have complete compassion and love for everyone effected (which is all of us).

I can believe that the virus is real and is dangerous while also believing that this is about much more than a virus.

I can believe that staying home is helpful, and also think the government does not actually care about keeping us healthy.

I can be endlessly grateful for our first responders, doctors and nurses, and also be critical of everything that is lacking in our health care system.

I can feel heartbreak for those that have lost their lives related to the virus and equally feel heartbreak for the lives being lost due to stress-related suicide, domestic and child abuse.

I can agree that Covid19 is an event that warrants major attention and also wonder why we haven’t “stopped the world” over other emergencies – child sex trafficking being at the top of my list.

I can love this pause, this chance to reflect, and give Mother Earth a much needed break, and also be worried about the ramifications that isolation has on our personal and community (“herd”) immunity.

I can admit I don’t have the answers, while telling you that Bill Gates doesn’t either – run fast from his answers.

I can be inspired by how the community is coming together, be moved by how we are rallying to support one another, and still wonder what the long term consequences of seeing our outer world and our fellow human beings as direct threats to our lives will have.

I can be pissed off, and at the same time have complete faith.

I can see the disfunction and not get caught up in fearing it.

I can be concerned and still hold space for the world I want to see and create.

I like to believe that we all just want the best for everyone. Let’s not look for reasons to disagree.

When we see our common ground, it’s much easier to move forward together.

Tell me- what beliefs do you hold that arent mutually exclusive?

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