Nontoxic Easter Egg Decorating – for Kids (and Adults too)!

kid friendly nontoxic easter egg

Even though it’s later than usual, I still feel like Easter crept up on me this year! About two weeks away and time to share some of the fun ideas we came up with last year for Easter egg decorating methods that don’t involve using food coloring.

Seeing as it’s important that I keep artificial coloring and food dyes out of Ellie’s diet altogether, I figured, hey, if there’s a fun way to avoid food dyes and still give Ellie the Easter egg decorating experience, then why not?!

Last year, we ended up using the eco-friendly dye kits from eco-kids and also tattooed a few white eggs for the fun of it:

Non toxic easter egg decorating

I haven’t totally decided what we’re doing this year but I did order some Eco Eggs, made from renewable plant resources. Sounded better than straight plastic ;).

non toxic easter eggs


Here’s a quick rundown of my top pics (with links) if anyone is interested in trying something different – and safer – this year.

Side note: If and when I decide to take a stab at any of these projects, I won’t be “blowing out” the eggs. For one, that intimidates me and secondly, blown out eggs are FAR from toddler-friendly.

1) All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

2) Finger-Stamped Embellished Eggs

3) Washi Tape Easter Eggs – here and here

4) Sharpie Eggs

5) Naturally Dyed Ombre Eggs

6) Eco-friendly, Natural Dye Kitsthis or this look good

7) Tattoo-d Easter Eggs

8) Simple Sticker-ed Eggs

9) Glittered Eggs

What are your easter egg decorating plans this year?

Happy Easter!!

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