Nontoxic Easter Egg Decorating – for Kids (and Adults too)!

kid friendly nontoxic easter egg

With Easter a week away, I spent some (ok, maybe too much) time on Pinterest “researching” some ideas for Easter egg decorating methods that don’t involve using food coloring. Seeing as it’s important that I keep artificial coloring and food dyes out of Ellie’s diet altogether, I figured, hey, if there’s a fun way to avoid food dyes and still give Ellie the Easter egg decorating experience, then why not?!

Here’s a quick rundown of my top pics (with links) if anyone is interested in trying something different – and safer – this year.

Side note: If and when I decide to take a stab at any of these projects, I won’t be “blowing out” the eggs. For one, that intimidates me and secondly, blown out eggs are FAR from toddler-friendly.

1) All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

2) Finger-Stamped Embellished Eggs

3) Washi Tape Easter Eggs – here and here

4) Sharpie Eggs

5) Naturally Dyed Ombre Eggs

6) Eco-friendly, Natural Dye Kitsthis or this look good

7) Tattoo-d Easter Eggs

8) Simple Sticker-ed Eggs

9) Glittered Eggs
Which of these would you consider trying? I’ll report back on whichever we decide to do…did I miss any obvious idea that I should try?

Happy Easter!!

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