Newborn Essentials – Must Haves for Baby

newborn must have items

It’s just silly how much “stuff” a newborn requires. So when we found out we were pregnant with another girl, we were relieved to think all we’d need to buy was diapers and a few new outfits. We already had all the baby necessities, what else would we need?! We were apparently a little naïve as well because fast forward a few months and we found ourselves acquiring quite a few new things. The combination of time (so many new products had come out in less than three years!) and experience (we knew what worked and what didn’t) meant that we wanted a few new things this time around. I hate to waste money so I cringed as we bought some different versions of things we already had. And there were a couple things on this list that I was going to skip because of the price tag, like the DockATot, which Chris surprised me with on Mother’s day. This post isn’t sponsored in any way; I just want to share the new things we got and used a lot. As I was making this list I was thinking, how did I survive without all these things the first time around? Ok so “survive” might be an exaggeration but really, these 8 items truly made life with a newborn easier the second time around.

Eight must-haves for baby’s first three months:

best baby diaper bags1) Diaper Bag Backpack Being able to throw this bag on my back and still have two hands is critical with two kids, and still really helpful on the days I’m solo with Layla. The backpack is the only way – to save your arms and your sanity. Mine is the “Lousie” from Newlie (10% off here) but I know there are lots of options out there.

baby essentials miracle swaddle2) The Miracle Swaddle My sister in law sent us a miracle swaddle right before Layla was born, swearing it was a life saver. I was skeptical for two reasons – first, because nothing worked to swaddle Ellie (our first) except a triple swaddle with three swaddle blankets. And second, I really didn’t plan on swaddling Layla as much as we did Ellie because I didn’t want the swaddle to create problems like it did the first time around. But once Layla was about a month old, she really needed to be swaddled, and up until about 4 months, she was swaddled in this one for every nap and nighttime and the miracle swaddle was the one that kept her settled the most! We even bought a second one ourselves.

newborn must have items3) DockATot Like many people I know, I also wondered if this contraption could really be all it was cracked up to be. Well, for us it is! The only night Layla hasn’t slept in it was the first night we were home from the hospital and it was a rough one. The next night we moved her to the DockATot and she has been a pretty darn good night-sleeper ever since. She started sleeping through the night at four weeks! I know, I couldn’t believe it either! When we move her into her crib, we’ll move her in the DockATot … and we’ll most likely get the larger DockaTot once she grows out of the smaller one. Get $10 off here.

best plastic free baby bottle4) Comotomo Bottle Confession: we had one of these awesome bottles the first time around but it sat in the box unopened because I didn’t understand how great it was. It’s plastic free and designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding. It’s the only bottle Layla has taken and she has no problem with it, even if it has been days since she last was fed with it.

newborn must have items

5) Fitted Car Seat Cover I had versions of this the first time around but I love this snug, cute cover I use this time. It doesn’t flap in the wind or look sloppy. I get more compliments and questions from strangers about this item than any other. They come in so many colors and patterns.

newborn must have items6) Large Blankets We had a ton of those small, soft blankets when Ellie was a baby but not really big ones somehow. Especailly now that Layla is rolling around, these big, soft, breathable blankets (we have two) are perfect for throwing on top of the carpet to create a clean, cozy surface for her. $5 off here.

newborn must have items baby wrap

7) Wraps I think I now have every kind of wrap. The Solly Baby wrap, Nuroo hands free shirt, the wild bird sling … I love them all. I use the Solly the most, the shirt was awesome for the first couple weeks, and the sling is easy on the go. We also have the Ergo and Baby Bjorn from our first baby go-round with Ellie but the wraps have been so nice to keep baby as close as possible!

baby bandana bibs

8) Bandana Bibs I don’t remember Ellie drooling as much as Layla does at this young age and yet, when I look back at pictures, I see a lot of wet onesies so she must have drooled just the same. These cute bandana bibs not only add adorable style to an outfit, but they keep the outfit from getting soaked! We now have these and these. $5 off here.

Tell me – what items do you wish you had with your newborn that you didn’t know about (or didn’t exist yet)?!

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10 thoughts on “Newborn Essentials – Must Haves for Baby

  1. Newborn babies are curious with everything that surrounds them. It is good to surround them with good sounds and things that can further improve their vision. Rattles will always be a number one toy for newborns.

  2. I am in the same boat. Spent a ton on every conceivable contraption for number one, but there are more/different things I want to try with number two. Can’t wait to try the dock-a-tot and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be!

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