Monthly Baby Photos – Documenting the first year

progression baby photos

I knew I wanted to document Ellie’s growth and progression in monthly baby photos but I wanted to do something other than the standard number on a onesie. Don’t get me wrong – I think those are super adorable but I wanted to see if we could come up with something a little out of the box. I tend to like to complicate simple things, even when I have a brand new baby apparently…

Once we came up with the idea, I contacted someone on Etsy to make us a custom 6″ x 6″ block covered in chalk paint. In retrospect, I suppose we could have made it ourselves, it was nothing fancy, but who has the time (or a clear mind) with a newborn!?

Since he’s the artist in the family, it was my hubby’s job to do the design and number each month. I just had to pick out Ellie’s outfit for him to coordinate with ;). He used chalk pens and had to scrub pretty hard between months (not his favorite part).

The first month went about as expected…

I never realized how much of a process it was to get one decent shot (or an acceptable one at least). It didn’t necessarily get easier as she got older either. Sitting still is hard for babies, no matter what age. And put a chalk block next to them – watch out!

As the months went by it was so fun to have a milestone photo to “bookmark” the stage she was in and track her progression. A month can mean SO many changes, both physical and developmental. I cherish having this photo collage to document her first year.

12 months baby progression photos

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JULY 2017 UPDATE: Check out baby Layla’s one month progression photo montage here.



11 thoughts on “Monthly Baby Photos – Documenting the first year

    1. I bought it from someone on Etsy who was selling small chalkboard blocks and asked him to make this (custom I guess) for me. In retrospect, I could have just bought a block of wood and painted it with chalk paint myself and saved a few bucks! 🙂 🙂

    1. There are so many things I planned to do and didn’t do so I understand! I’m happy we stuck with doing these, and glad I finally put them in a collage almost a year after her 12th month picture! haha.

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