Lemonade Stand First Birthday Party

first birthday theme party

Now that I’ve started planning for Ellie’s second birthday party, I figured it was time to share details from her first birthday party. In other words, procrastinating for 11 months is long enough.

We turned our backyard into a Lemonade Stand and served “elLe-monade” (get it? wink wink) – regular and spiked of course, because aren’t first birthday parties about the adults too!?

We were lucky enough to have a friend build us this custom lemonade stand, he even gave it a vintage/rustic look to match the other elements, all of which worked well in our backyard.

first birthday theme party

Mason jars had tags for everyone to write their name – or a funny title that related to the birthday girl.

Of course we had to have a ‘bake sale’ to go along with our lemonade stand:

first birthday theme party

And multiple splash pools and water tables for the kiddos, which is where you could find Ellie all day. I don’t blame her – it was hot!

first birthday theme party

Every party needs a photo booth, complete with silly props. This is mostly for us big kids, let’s not pretend. We attached a phone with the pocket booth app to a tripod and connected it to a wireless printer. 4×6 photo paper cut in half made strips for everyone to take home. Digital copies were saved to the phone.

photo booth DIY


first birthday theme party

And of course – the cake smash! I couldn’t tell if she liked it…

Our friend Chris put together this video of her cake smash and it’s amazing:

Not pictured: the adult party favors were little mason jars of my Mom’s homemade lemon curd labeled “Gramma’s Lemon Curd” – a tasty, lemony treat to leave with.

We had a ton of fun at her first birthday party – surrounded by good friends and family. She’s a lucky girl, this one!

first birthday theme party
The whole family (our Dads switched sides though)!

Oh and oops – I almost forgot – the Ellie-sized lemonade stand:

kid sized lemonade stand


18 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand First Birthday Party

  1. Well this is just the cutest thing ever! Can you please make a post about just how you did the photo booth? I am impressed x1000!

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to do a post on the Photo Booth… I don’t have the actual “booth” any more but I plan to do just a backdrop with a similar set up next month for Ellie’s 2nd birthday so I’ll take pictures along the way!

  2. Love this theme idea!! Her outfit is soo cute!! No worries, I haven’t posted my sons first birthday and to make matters worse, I don’t have a lot of pics of the decor!! Blogger/mama fail haha! It goes by so fast!! I am a new follower 🙂

    1. Thanks Ashley, glad you can relate (or maybe sorry you can?! haha). Nothing like waiting for almost a year to share, geesh! And looking back, I’m missing so many pictures of the cute decor, gift ideas, signs – all the details that took a lot of time and thought. Whoops. This year I know what I need to do, let’s see if I actually do it…. ! How old is your little one?

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