Natural Product Review: Konjac Sponge

how to use a konjac sponge

When it comes to washing my face, I’ve always had a habit of wanting to get it squeaky clean – as if that was the only way to properly CLEAN it. I’ve learned in the past couple of years that too much scrubbing and harsh cleansers can strip natural oils from your skin so maybe hearing it squeak isn’t the best thing to strive for.

I’ve tossed my aggressive scrubs, alcohol-laden astrigents and other cleansing devices and replaced them with gentle cleansers and exfoliators and….

…my new cleansing best friend: the Konjac Sponge! I love that it’s super gentle but it still makes my face feel totally clean after I use it. Plus it’s 100% natural with no chemicals added, made from vegetable fibers of the Konjac plant.

how to use a konjac sponge

PureSOL was nice enough to send me two sponges to try. I felt good about them before even putting them to use. Why?
Because they are:

  • Free of chemicals, parabens, sulphates, fragrances & coloring
  • Eco-friendly – you can even compost the sponge when you’re done with it!
  • Cruelty free and vegan

At night, when I’m removing makeup, I use it after I cleanse (it feels like I’m double cleaning my face – important for a former squeaky-clean face washer). In the morning, when I don’t have makeup to wash off, I tend to use it without a cleanser. Unless it’s a day I’m using an exfoliator, then I use it with that.

However you use it, without cleanser, with cleanser or after cleanser, massage your face in a circular motion to stimulate tired skin and encourage skin renewal.

After using the sponges, I can tell you that they are:

  • Gentle, will not scratch your skin (perfect for sensitive skin)
  • Effective at removing dirt, oil and makeup from the skin
  • Renewing – the natural woven fibers stimulate blood flow, detoxifying and encouraging skin renewal while balancing the skins pH.
  • Sanitary – They dry quickly, MUCH quicker than a washcloth would, to prevent bacteria from building up

how to use a konjac sponge

For more information visit – or let me know if you have any questions below!

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