Summer Must Haves: Keeping Cool

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I hate to sound like a complete whiner, but it’s been soooo hot lately. And our house has little to no insulation and it just BAKES. Poor Ellie naps in a room that is 90 degrees, and we have about a million fans running at all times. You can find us at the beach or in a pool (even a plastic wading pool in the backyard) any chance we get.

Although they are no substitution for A/C or good insulation, there are a few things I’ve been turning to for some heat relief this month. Any little bit helps!

Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint oil cooling properties

Peppermint Essential Oil has a cooling sensation, thanks to the large amount of menthol in the oil.

I apply the oil straight to my body (and Ellie’s) to cool us down. I put it on the back of our necks, down our spine, on the bottoms of our feet. I also dab it on my temples to help relieve discomfort associated with headaches that can be brought on by the constant heat.

Please contact me if you want to learn more about essential oils – and to receive a free sample of peppermint (or another oil of choice).


Rose Water

 rose water for keeping cool

I learned about the benefits of rose water while seeing my Ayurvedic doctor a couple years ago. According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the Pitta dosha, which relates to heat and fire in the body, can be elevated in summer months when it’s hot. Some of the symptoms that occur when Pitta is out of balance are: irritability, anger, heartburn and indigestion, fever, controlling tendencies, disrupted sleep patterns, and skin problems.

According to ayurvedic texts, the cooling nature of rose petals is excellent for balancing the mind, heart and emotions. I spritz an organic food-grade rose water spray on all of us throughout the day, and I’ve even added it to water or lemonade to cool from within.


Organic Deodorant

non toxic deodorant

I could write a novel about why I won’t TOUCH drugstore deodorants that are full of chemicals, parabens and duct-clogging, cancer-causing aluminum, but today I’ll focus on the fact that I LOOOOOVE my Bumble and Bee deodorant. I found it after years of trying every deodorant on the shelf – including all the drugstore brands, more natural brands, even crystal deodorant sticks….and this one actually works. And it’s organic. I just love it.

Chris has also made the switch to natural deodorant and swears by this one.


mens natural deodorant

Personal Desk Fan

A couple years Chris got me the BEST present ever. It wasn’t anything I asked for but it was a solution to a problem I had apparently been complaining a lot about. But who can blame me – putting makeup on when you’re sweating is a futile, frustrating task – which is why I use my small personal desk fan, similar to this one, every day in the warmer months. I just wish I could carry it around with me everywhere. There’s this one that is cute too, and is powered by USB cable, perfect for a desk as you work.


Glass water bottle

eco friendly cute glass water bottle

Nothing new here…but I sure love my bkr glass water bottle. No plastic, chemicals or unnecessary waste – and I haven’t seen a water bottle any cuter than these.


Stay cool, friends!


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    1. I’ve had mine since Christmas and I LOVE it, I bring it everywhere and don’t worry when it gets hot or has been in the sun. You should get one for sure! 🙂

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