In My Hospital Bag – Second Baby

what to pack in your hospital bag

Tomorrow is D-date! I had a feeling this baby wouldn’t be early (Ellie was 4 days late) but I probably could have packed my hospital bag a little sooner than the day before. Since everything has been gathered, I thought I’d share a run down of what I’m bringing this time. It’s a lot LESS than I packed last time – and I probably still won’t use it all.

  • Diaper Bag (that wears like a backpack too)
  • Nontoxic toiletries: If I shower, I will use gentle dr bronners since I plan to be skin to skin with baby often
  • Essential oils, for labor, baby and recovery
  • Organic, high protein, healthy snacks
  • Going home outfit for baby (and a cute hat of course)
  • Swaddle blanket
  • A pretty robe – let’s see if I take a shower this time 😉
  • Birth plan. A copy for the nurses and Doctor and a version for Chris with some more specific notes.
  • Affirmations to read during labor: “ My courage and patience will send my baby into my arms”
  • A gift from Baby Sister to Ellie: A book, a “Big Sister” shirt (that matches the “Little Sister” onesie she is giving baby), and a couple Frozen-themed games…oh and an (organic) lollipop

what to pack in your hospital bag

Not pictured:

  • Going home clothes. A maxi skirt, top and vest to to cover up.
  • A cooler for the placenta (I’m having it encapsulated..more on that later)
  • My comfy temperpedic pillow (hubby brings his as well)
  • Bluetooth Speaker for playing music – my husband is in charge of this part of the “experience” … Last time he included songs like “Push it” by Salt n’ Pepa 😉
  • A cooler with more refrigerated snacks. I’m a much more particular eater this time around (gluten free, low dairy, organic…) so I need to have my own version of comfort food available.
  • My DSLR camera

Things I packed last time and didn’t use:

  • Any toiletries other than my toothbrush. I didn’t shower, didn’t reaply makeup, barely moved from bed actually.
  • A robe and pajamas… I didn’t shower or get out of my hospital robe until we left
  • Baby diapers, wipes – we used the hospitals
  • Pads – I had them in various sizes and none were large or heavy duty enough. I used the hospital provided ones and they sent me home with a bunch too

What am I missing? What did you pack in your bag the first (or second) time around?


2 thoughts on “In My Hospital Bag – Second Baby

  1. I just saw this! I love the music choice Chris! Scott literally whipped out the laptop and played “It’s the final countdown” towards what we THOUGHT was the end of pushing – it wasn’t… there was 3 hours of that, but Scott was on the same path as Chris here! 🙂 I didn’t use anything I packed the first time either!

    1. I’ve always remembered that! Funny I don’t really remember the music last time but hopefully it entered my subconscious as I was “pushing” 😉

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