Holistic Ear Infection Support

natural ear infection relief
The Dreaded Ear Infection 

Earlier this year, I took Layla to the doctor because she had been sick for a couple days. I was most concerned about the lethargy (and the full day of puking she had had). Apparently she been hit with 2 viruses at the same time and her little body was working overtime. The doctor determined that her cold virus had led to a respiratory infection, one ear infection and the start of a second ear infection. 

The doctor had seen Layla with minor ear infections before but had never prescribed antibiotics. This time he did, making it the first time I was really faced with the challenge of what to do. I would only ever consider giving antibiotics as a very last resort.

I know through my own research that most ear infections resolve on their own and that if they’re viral, antibiotics won’t help anyways. Antibiotics impair the immune system, making it harder for the body to heal on its own.

I put the prescription in and decided to wait for 24 hours to see if we could support this on our own.

Holistic Ear Infection Support

Treating the ear infection holistically isn’t necessarily the easy route. It takes some research, trust and a handful of remedies. It also requires that you stand strong in your commitment to not turn quickly to antibiotics, even if you’re getting outside pressure to do so. 😉

We threw everything we had at it and by the next day, she was dramatically better. 

Disclaimer: this is just OUR case. I’m not suggesting or assuming this will happen every time my child, or any other, has an ear infection. Layla’s ears didn’t ever seem to be bothering her despite the doctor saying she had a bad infection in one ear. She had a low grade fever (never much above 100) and was clearly not feeling well overall.

I felt what she needed most was support of her immune system. Her lack of energy showed me her body was working hard and maybe just needed a boost. By supporting her immune system, it should be able to fight the infection on its own.

This is what we did: 
  • Holistic Chiropractor Adjustment (including the balancing of her ear canals) – this was key so her ears could drain properly on their own.
  • Mullein Garlic – 1-2 drops in her ears 1-2 times a day (garlic = “nature’s antibiotic”)
  • Basil and Melaleuca Essential Oils in a roller bottle around her earlobe and down her neck  
  • Elderberry Syrup* (natural antiviral / immune booster)
  • Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin C (I use this one because its a whole food source and since its a powder it easily goes in a smoothie). 
  • Probiotics 
  • Antiviral/Antibacterial mix of essential oils on the bottoms of her feet and up her back
  • A healthy diet with a lot of greens and nutrients

*Side note: We just found this Elderberry blend that is super fast and easy to give because it comes with a little dropper. The sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan formula is created from an organic blend of herbs and elderberry, making it an even stronger immune booster. 

natural ear infection relief

Trust Your Gut

The next day, she woke up a different kid. I could tell her energy was returning and she was feeling much better. It was relieving and also very validating. I was so glad I trusted my intuition and gave it time.

I’m grateful for doctors, medicine and I understand that antibiotics have their place. But deciding to give them to my child isn’t a decision I take lightly. My kids’ health, short term and long term, is my responsibility and top priority. Asking questions, doing research, talking to experts, and following my gut are things I will always do when it comes to making decisions for their wellbeing.

The purpose of sharing our experience is simply to encourage you to explore available options. And of course to do research when it comes to your child’s health. A simple google search told me that The American Academy of Pediatrics  now recommends a wait-and-watch period in low-risk kids rather than jumping to prescribing antibiotics right away. Many doctors will wait 24 to 72 hours to see if symptoms improve, which they often do. 

I was thrilled that Layla didn’t need antibiotics this time around. She was literally like a different kid overnight. Again, every case is different, and we’re all just doing our best in every situation. I’m so grateful for the information available to me. I hope this can be helpful to others looking for holistic ear infection support. 


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