Letter to the Halloween Fairy (aka Switch Witch)

letter to the switch witch

Halloween creeps up on me (no pun interned) EVERY year. I can’t believe it’s the end of October. I mean, we’re still slathering sunscreen on our bare arms every day here in San Diego. Halloween and 80 degree weather just never seem to make sense!

I think we have the girls’ costumes almost ready for this year… Ellie has known for weeks what she wanted to be so we had to get Layla on board (and she is now). Let’s quickly visit past years…

Last year we had Belle and the Beast.

sibling costume belle and beast

The year before that, we had Tick Tock and Tinker Bell (and Peter and Captain Hook).

And the year before that was my favorite, with Ellie as Frida Kahlo, and me as Frida’s self-portrait.

toddler costume frida kahlo

The Halloween Fairy

Back when Ellie was Frida, candy wasn’t too much of an issue. She basically forgot about it by the following morning. When she was Tinker bell, she was a little over 3 years old and was VERY excited about all the candy she collected trick or treating. I’m sure the fact that we don’t do candy in our house made it that much more exciting.

Good thing we, as parents, set the normal. So we made the “Halloween Fairy exchange” normal. And we made it fun. Why would she ever question it if this was just the way it was?

She picked out her favorite pieces of candy and left the rest in a bowl for the Halloween Fairy (others call her the Switch Witch but we opted for a less-scary title). We wrote her a note and in the morning, she had traded Ellie’s unhealthy candy for a toy or two! Ellie was thrilled and the candy was gone. Win-win.

Last year, Chris and I took it one step further by making up a rhyme and typing a letter that we can use each year to print and leave for the Halloween Fairy.

halloween fairy letter

Feel free to print it and use it in your house too!

Ellie signed her letter from Belle of course. The Halloween Fairy left the girls some goodies in exchange for their candy.

switch witch tradition candy for toys

Two days and counting! We wish everyone a safe – and healthy – Halloween! If you use the letter, leave us a note or tag us on social media.


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