Never Grow Up – Family Halloween Costume

family peter pan costume

Does it make me a bad Mom that I tried just about everything to talk Ellie out of being a princess for Halloween this year? I know I know…but there are just so many great ideas and she can dress up as a princess any day of the week, right!? “You can be anything you want, Ellie, a firefighter, superhero, a monster, an elephant – any thing you can think of!” (My vote was a cat lady, complete with a robe and rollers in her hair, maybe next year). “I wanna be a Princess!! What do you wanna be, Mama? You can be a firefighter, a superhero…” My power of persuasion wasn’t powerful enough.

She hadn’t determined WHICH princess yet when we went to see Disney on Ice a couple weeks ago. Act 2 was Peter Pan and she fell in love with Tinker Bell and from that day on, the discussion was over. She was going to be Tinker Bell. It was settled. (She still considers Tinker Bell a princess).

family halloween costume

Chris, Layla and I fit in where we could, all accessories to our little Tink ;). I happen to think Baby “Tick-Tock” turned out pretty darn cute. Fun fact: did you know the Crocodile in Peter Pan is a she as well?


family peter pan costume

While we were trick or treating, Tinker Bell kept wanting to hold my hand and would repeatedly tell me, “Peter Pan, you’re my best friend ever!” Ok, I’m sold.

family peter pan costume

family peter pan costume

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!! XOXO

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” – Peter Pan

6 thoughts on “Never Grow Up – Family Halloween Costume

  1. You guys did SUCH a great job, and Tinker Bell and Tick-Tock are the cutest!! I can imagine how thrilled Ellie must have been to have the cast of characters by her side! Even Captain Hook 😉 This reminds me of how excited I used to get for Halloween…and still do! hehe

  2. Could not love this more or the fact that Ellie kept calling you ( Peter Pan) her best friend ever! So sweet all around!!

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