Throwing it back to our Engagement Photo Shoot on this Cinco de Mayo

engagement photos

I have to work late tonight and would love to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo instead (although we know it’s not really a Mexican holiday, more an excuse to drink margaritas and dress the table in colorful decor)…so I went back through my old engagement photos to find a fun one to post on Instagram in virtual celebration.

It’s been almost 5 years since we took our engagement photos but I remember how fun it was…we went for silly and light instead of serious and romantic. We knew we were going to use a picture on our invitation to our destination wedding in Mexico and wanted to make sure it captured WHO we were as a couple and WHAT kind of wedding we planned to have. It was so fun to look back at them and I’m so glad we had fun with it! Also, we did them in under an hour, any longer and Chris would’ve killed me ;). Que bueno!

And our photographer insisted we do a few non-sombrero-wearing shots:

Fun memories! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! XO

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