Year in Review – End of Year Survey for Kids – free download

end of year survey for kids

Time is a thief. We all know this now. Especially as parents, we feel the panic of time moving so quickly. For me it’s always around Christmas that I am particularly aware of how fast the year has flown by. I always set similar goals for the New Year – to be more present, to document and journal more, and to enjoy the ups and the downs of whatever stage my kids are in. In that vein, I’m sharing this little End of Year Survey I made to lightly touch on those goals. 

Journaling is something I am decent at doing and yet could always do more of. I tend to want to record everything – something clever Ellie says, any new development of Layla’s, new things we do as a family – but it’s impossible to capture it all. So I do my best to record the highlights.

This End of Year Survey can be a really easy way to take a snapshot of where your child is currently. Plus, its guaranteed to be entertaining. The best answer I got from Ellie last year was in response to the question “What do I do when you’re not around?” She didn’t hesitate to answer enthusiastically, “Come find me!”

Sit with your child for a few minutes during this busy time and really be present with them. Give them a little interview. Ask them these questions (or any others you have to add) and enjoy what they share! Write them down and keep them somewhere safe, or taped into a journal like I do, because one day it will be the most cherished of keepsakes. Plus, maybe it’ll encourage you to jot some notes down about the year as well.

Let me know below how this turns out for you!! Happy New Year!!

Open and print the End of Year Survey here




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