Ellie Turns Five at a Disco Dive

themed birthday five years

Yep, we do the half birthday celebration thing. Why not? In true Leo fashion, I don’t feel like you can celebrate your birthday too much. We do half cupcakes for the girls, and they get as excited as they do on their actual birthdays. Ellie’s half birthday is today which means it’s been 6 months since we celebrated her turning FIVE at her Disco Dive. 

Her disco party was a blast. It was a fun, easy theme that ended up being perfect for her and her little friends.

themed birthday five years
disco party dessert decor
themed birthday five years

When planning a kids party, I break it down into a couple categories to focus on. Here they are…


disco party kids decor
Welcome to Studio 5!
themed birthday five years
disco party favors kids
Favors: Disco Ball Necklaces
themed birthday five years


  • Catered Vegan food from Native Foods
  • Disco Cake Pops (Vegan/Gluten Free) 
  • Birthday Cake (Her cake was NOT supposed to be blue, at all, I don’t know why it was made that way. I had to get over it really fast because I was super annoyed!)
  • Disco Ball Cookies with edible pens for kids to color their own
  • Silver ball candies and wrapped chocolates 
  • And a full bar for the adults of course!
disco party dessert decor
Dessert: Cake Pops, Silver Candies and Color-your-own Disco Ball Cookies
disco party dessert table
Dessert: NOT the cake I designed but oh well…
disco ball cake pops
themed birthday five years


  • Dance Party with some coordinated dances (think Macarena, Freeze Dance, Cupid Shuffle)
  • Musical Pillows (as opposed to chairs)
  • Pass the Present (the kids LOVED this one. I wrapped a present 7 or 8 times. Music played while the kids passed the present and when the music stopped, that kid would unwrap a layer. Whoever unwraps it for the last time keeps the gift.)
  • Color your own Disco Cookie
  • Make a pair of Neon Glow Glasses

Party Favors:

disco party kids games
Activity: Dance Party!
disco party kids games
Activity: Make your own Neon Glow Glasses
themed birthday five years
disco party kids games
Activity: Pass the Present Musical Game – such a hit!
disco party kids games
Forgot to take a family picture until the end of the night 🙂
themed birthday five years

Ellie would sing this little song around the time of her party. “Come to my disco dive, because I’m… turning… five!” We’re so happy she had a great time… now what rhymes with SIX????

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