how to use essential oils

Happy two year oil-iversary to me!

It’s crazy that it’s only been two years since essential oils were introduced to me and changed our lives. My friends know me as the crazy witch-doctor oil lady, Chris is obsessed and is constantly telling coworkers and strangers about them, and Ellie has never known life without her oils. They are truly a part of our every day life.

In honor of my oil-iversary, I wanted to share my TOP 10 list. These are the oils we use almost daily.

Lemon – I drop 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil into my room temperature water every morning (more on that routine here). There are hundreds of uses for lemon, from taking off stubborn price tags to sanitizing your kitchen cabinets, but adding it to my water is how I use it every single day.

Immunity Oil – Ellie gets rolled onto the bottoms of her feet for immune system support before heading to daycare. I also diffuse it and take it in a veggie capsule if I feel like I need an extra boost of protection. All three of us are also obsessed with the natural whitening, fluoride-free immunity toothpaste.

Calming Blend – I put it on Ellie every night (and before naps too). I’m not sure if it ACTUALLY helps her fall asleep but it smells so good and is now a part of our nightly routine, so no matter where we are, it’s familiar to her and clues her into the fact that its time to go to bed!

Melaleuca and Oregano – these aren’t every day oils but they are necessities. If one of us is showing symptoms of a cold or virus coming on, it’s time for the FLU BOMB. Ellie’s Flu Bomb roller bottle recipe is 12 drops of Melaleuca, Lemon and On Guard and 10 drops of Oregano mixed with fractionated coconut oil). I rub it on her feet, down her spine, on her lymph nodes, everywhere really. I roll it on Chris and myself but most the time we pop the capsules (4 drops of each) to best support healthy immune system function.

Bergamot – One of my favorites for stress relief because of its calming and soothing properties – and I love the smell. This is one of the oils in Chris’s “deep sleep blend” that he applies every night before bed.

Soothing Blend – Chris and I both love this oil (and the rub) for relieving muscle pain. After long hours on the computer or working out, this is especially great for soothing shoulders, back, even fingers and wrists.

Cleansing Blend – I add a drop or two of this in with our laundry detergent to help eradicate odors. I also keep a spray bottle in the car that has a few drops with water to spritz as needed to clear the air (hey, I travel with a toddler and her “pee-pee potty“).

Lavender and Peppermint – Lately I’ve been especially sensitive to the seasonal elements and wake up most mornings feeling sneezy, and with an itchy nose. I put 2 drops of each of these, plus 2 drops of lemon, in a veggie capsule and my discomfort is relieved!

If you want to know more about essential oils, I am MORE than happy to share my experiences and answer any questions you may have. Contact me below!


  1. I have just started getting into essential oils and this was such a great and interesting read! I will definitely be reading more of your oil posts!

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