Bargain Babe: (3) 90-minute massages for $31.00 each

Chris has a nickname for me. Well, he has a few, but the one I’m telling you about today is the one he calls me whenever I find a good deal (which is often I’d like to think): Bargain Babe. I wear the title proudly. And I’m proud of the deal I found today – and want to share with you. Quickly, because it ends TONIGHT.

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first birthday theme party

Lemonade Stand First Birthday Party

Now that I’ve started planning for Ellie’s second birthday party, I figured it was time to share details from her first birthday party. In other words, procrastinating for 11 months is long enough.

We turned our backyard into a Lemonade Stand and served “elLe-monade” (get it? wink wink) – regular and spiked of course, because aren’t first birthday parties about the adults too!?

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