giraffe manor kenya

Africa: Giraffe Manor and DSWT Elephant Orphanage

You know that feeling you get when you’re traveling. It’s that “this is what life is really about” feeling. Everything in perspective, everything slowed down, clear, simple, obvious. And then you return home and soon you’re back to the grind, back to reality. If you’re lucky, some of those feelings and perspectives will stick with you, if even in the background.

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maasai mara safari

Africa: Kenya Safari and Maasai Tribe Visit

“I think I’m going to Africa,” my younger sister declared to me a year ago. “Well wait, I wanna go to Africa too!” was my whiny big sister response. And that’s how it started. I turned to Chris with my eyebrows raised and he shrugged, “sure, go!” A week or two later it was confirmed. It’s been years since I traveled just to travel and I knew this trip would feed my soul. And Kenya did just that.

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Babyfree vacation

A baby-free getaway to Cabo

A baby-free getaway: highly recommended

It was short but it was sweet. And the phrase “we should do this more often” was repeated often. Chris and I like to reminisce so we talked about the last time we were in Cabo, exactly two years ago on our Babymoon. We knew our lives were about to change, mostly for the better, and we promised each other that we would still take time for US, ideally in the form of mini vacations.

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