Video – Donuts for Ellie on her Third Birthday

kid birthday video

As if the memory of eating cake, cupcakes and now donuts on her birthday wasn’t sweet enough, Ellie has videos to remind her of her favorite birthday party moments. My best friend Chris has gifted us with these sweet birthday videos after each of Ellie’s parties.

You can see more about Ellie’s Third Birthday Party by the Bay here and basically, the whole day was “healthy” except for these darn donuts. And they were clearly her favorite part, so… go figure. I didn’t try them (see 41 seconds into the video) but word is they were pretty tasty.

And as if THAT wasn’t enough, I always record Ellie as she watches her birthday videos for the first time. It’s almost like she’s eating that donut all over again…

For more sweet cuteness, check out Ellie’s First and Second Birthday videos. I hope we can keep this tradition up – at least til her 21st birthday, right Uncle Chris? 😉



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