Bargain Babe: (3) 90-minute massages for $31.00 each

Chris has a nickname for me. Well, he has a few, but the one I’m telling you about today is the one he calls me whenever I find a good deal (which is often I’d like to think): Bargain Babe. I wear the title proudly. And I’m proud of the deal I found today – and want to share with you. Quickly, because it ends TONIGHT.

In Summary: 

Groupon is having a sale on local deals today. 20% off with the code UNLOCK20.

I bought a Groupon for (3) 90-minute massages for $129. After the 20% off, my total was $103.20. And since I clicked through my Ebates account and got 9% cash back, I saved another $9.29, making my grand total for (3) 90 minute massages $93.91, or $31.30 each! 

How’s that for a bargain?

If you don’t have an ebates account, it’s SOOOO amazing. Use this link and get $5.00 cash back to start. I start all my online shopping on ebates. It’s only one extra step and doesn’t cost anything – it couldn’t be easier. My savings to date are $514.00! Yep, that’s a Bargain Babe for you. 😉

TO GET THE MASSAGE DEAL – Step by step: 

*** This exact deal is specific to San Diego Area residents. If you are outside of San Diego, you can still find a great deal. In step 3, you’ll need to search for massages (or any other service) in your area. ***

  1. Start at Ebates.
  2. In the search bar, type in Groupon. Click “Shop Now” and it will take you to Groupon
  3. In the Groupon search bar, type in Effortless Movement Therapeutic Bodywork. Click “View Deal”
  4. Select your package – I chose the (3) 90-minute massages for $129.00
  5. Click the box for “use a promotion or gift code” – enter promo code there.
  6. You’ll get an ebates email within a couple hours telling you that you have cash back in your account.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll share more stuff like this if you want! 🙂

Enjoy! XO


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