Top 12 items that grow with Baby into Toddlerhood

top 12 long lasting baby products

Since we have a baby on the way, and our first baby just turned 2 ½ a couple days ago (yes, half birthdays are a thing!), I’ve been thinking a lot about the essentails we need for baby – and what of those things we STILL use with our toddler.

A million things change between birth and toddlerhood and yet there are a few items that have had staying-power in this house, following Ellie through life as a baby to toddler. I’m sure this list varies by family, but these are the items that are still must-haves in our world, and have been since day one.

  1. Sound Machine

We still run this in Ellie’s room for every nap and nighttime. We love this one specifically because it plugs in and doesn’t turn off. She now turns it on for us, being the little “helper” that she is. Ellie slept in our room until she was 5 ½ months old and trust me, Chris and I got pretty used to that white noise – we almost gone one for our room after she moved out!

  1. Video Monitor

We trained ourselves pretty early to be addicted to this thing. 2 ½ years later and we still check the monitor a few times during every nap and in the evening after we put Ellie to bed. I tend to wake up at least once a night to glance at it. I just like knowing she’s safe and sound in her crib. I usually sleep with the sound off (now) because her room is close enough to hear her if she cries – well, and because I have crazy mommy hearing (Chris calls it a super power) and I wake up at the slightest noise coming from her room. But to us, there’s nothing more comforting than seeing our sleeping girl. We have a second camera that we travel with and that we’ll set up in the baby’s nursery in a couple months.

  1. Pack N Play

If you read my post recently, you know how big a part this plays in our every day morning routine. And to think, I told my husband we didn’t need one when I was pregnant. OH HOW I WAS WRONG! Now the question is, how will we share it when baby #2 comes? 😉

  1. WubbaNubs 

I had never seen these things before I got one at my baby shower…but Ellie’s “ra-ra’s” (as she affectionately calls them) are her most trusted items. She needs them with her when she sleeps, and even likes to take them with her in the car when we go out (though we have a rule they don’t come out of the car – can’t risk losing them!!). They both used to be attached to pacifiers but they got cut off and cut down right around her 2nd birthday. She still loves them the same – though I think sometimes she wishes she could still suck on them!

wubbanub baby toddler

  1. Board Books

She’s not too old for – or even sick of – these little board books that I’ve been reading to her from the beginning. I love that she still loves them. The specific books aren’t important I don’t think but for us, I started reading this Peek a Who book to her at a couple months old and it has remained one of her favorites for over two years! She also loves the Katz flap books.

  1. Rocking Chair 

From nighttime nursings to now reading books before bedtime, this chair has been used multiple times a day for years now. Another item I naively didn’t expect would be so critical.

  1. Soft, Fuzzy Blankets

I remember at my baby shower getting a couple blankets that I didn’t register for and I figured I would return one or two but I never did and we still use all of them. She watches her nightly show with one, she sleeps with at least two of them and she has one or two in her pack n play. Who doesn’t love a cozy blankie!? We love this brand and we just got this one for baby sister.

  1. Wipe Clutch (and wipes) 

For potty training, messy meals, dirty hands, everything really, wipes will be a critical part of parenting for years to come. The clutch is a cute and easy way to pack them in my purse and always have them with me. I would recommend getting fragrance-free wipes without toxic preservatives, parabens or other chemicals. I like Honest and Seventh Generation wipes.

  1. Changing Pad Liners

We took the big changing pad off her table when she started potty training at 21 months but we still pull out these basic changing pad liners when she needs cream on her bum or wants a little oil massage…they still seem to come in handy! These are bamboo, super soft, breathable, and a big size to grow with baby!

  1. Car Mirror

Technically we don’t use this anymore but we did up until a couple months ago because Ellie was rear-facing until a few months after she turned two. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommend “children remain in a rear-facing carseat until they are at least 2 or 3 years old.”

  1. Dish Rack

In the beginning it was full of breast pump pieces, then bottles and sippy cups and then big girl plates and silverware. I handwash all of Ellie’s dish-ware. This dish drying rack hasn’t moved from our counter in over 2 years and probably won’t for awhile.

12. Organic Baby Products and Essential oils

I’ve used essential oils on Ellie daily starting when she was around 2 months old…we use it for immune, digestive and sleep support and it’s just become a way of life around here. We only use the safest, most natural products and there are some great affordable ones from brands like Acure and Babyganics that are gentle enough to use on babies and effective enough to use on toddlers so we haven’t had to make any changes there!

Okay, now it’s your turn – what did I miss? What items have carried your child from babydom to toddlerhood? Please share!


11 thoughts on “Top 12 items that grow with Baby into Toddlerhood

  1. I’m beginning to think my kiddos will never outgrow their sound machines. We’ve become totally addicted to them too! We moved to a really noisy street and they definitely help us sleep so much better.

  2. As my little one gets older, it’s so nice to hear what other moms are still using with their now toddlers. We have most of these items and they are definitely staples in our home! I will definitely be checking out the ones we don’t have! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  3. I agree on MANY of these! I was so happy we invested in a quality glider for Madeline as it’s been used continuously now for more than 7 years… as we prepare to ‘eventually’ transition Charlottes crib to a big girl room, I still want to keep it for bedtime rocking and books and cuddles. Hopefully it’ll still fit in the room. YES YES YES on wipes still, sound machine (for BOTH girls now), video monitor and we actually still have the changing pad on the dresser – she still sits up there sometimes while I do her hair or get dressed – she just stands on it now! OH! Straw cups are STILL used too. And believe it or not, the boppy! When C gets a cold or congested, we put the pillow on top of it and it helps prop her up to sleep so she’s not flat! Great list.

  4. This is such great info, especially in deciding where to invest (on the larger items at least) in all things baby! Wish there was a way to flag this should I ever need it years down the line! 😉

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