The handmade hand-me-down poncho

handmade toddler poncho

I’ve always had a favorite baby picture of myself, I’m in the cutest little hooded poncho made by my Gramma and wearing baby Nike Cortez shoes. Not too long ago my mom came across the poncho and naturally I vowed to recreate the picture with Ellie. And then months went by and I (naturally) forgot about it. Since I don’t trust such an “important” picture to my still-developing photography skills, I enlisted E’s Uncle Chris. We got her decked out in her poncho (a little small for her now) and somehow she cooperated and let him snap away.

My mom flew into town today and I surprised her with the pictures. I started with this side by side shot. Watching her reaction was the best. Being able to give my mom a grandchild, and a granddaughter at that, is one of my favorite parts of being a Mommy. Dressing my daughter in my old baby clothes is high up on the list too!

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