Committing to a Baby Name

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I’m not sure why fully committing to a baby name is so difficult for me – is it this way for everyone?! I know I tend to be indecisive but even once we’ve decided on a name, I still find it hard to declare her name to the world or do anything “official” like decorate her room with her initials. It’s just so final, before things are final, you know? 

Choosing Ellie’s name was relatively easy but I still had hang ups. We liked the name Ellie before we got pregnant so once we found out she was a girl at 14 weeks, it was just assumed she’d be Ellie. At least for Chris, it was a done deal right away! But as much as I loved the name, it seemed so soon to be attaching a name to a baby that was only the size of a lemon!? Over time, it was clear that there wasn’t an option we liked better so I slowly went through the steps of committing to her name.

Funny side note: my biggest hang up with Ellie’s name was that I imagined Ellie as a blonde, or a lighter haired little girl. And I assumed that I would have a black-haired child and “Ellie” just didn’t strike me as a dark haired kid’s name. Well, somehow I ended up with a dirty-blonde-haired child who the name Ellie suits just perfectly! Ha!

committing to baby name

It was similar – but harder – with “baby sister” the second time around. Hence why she is STILL referred to most often by the baby sister title. Again, it was at 14 weeks (when we found out she was another she) that we started talking names and Chris threw out Layla. It took another few weeks before it became the front runner. And really it only stayed there because everything we came up with didn’t quite edge it out.

I still could never refer to either daughter as their selected name until I met them. I guess I just wanted to SEE them first, to SENSE them, before officially assigning them a name. It’s probably just my nature – I’m generally pretty cautious, preparing for all the possibilities, not ever claiming 100% because anything can happen. And I tend to overthink, to not take big decisions lightly – and yea, naming your child is kinda a big deal! 

When naming the girls, there were a couple milestones in my process of committing: 

1 – Telling our families. This happened relatively early with both babies. They started using the name to refer to the unborn baby way more comfortably and often than I ever did!

2 – On our baby moon in Mexico, we wrote Ellie’s name in the sand. Sounds silly but that was a huge step and one that made me feel pretty committed! When we were in Florida during the second pregnancy, we decided to do the same with Layla’s name. I think that was the exact moment it stuck for me.

committing to baby name

3 – Using the name at the baby showers. I remember my girlfriend asking if it was okay to put an “E” on the cookie favors and it took me awhile to say okay. It was like once we did that, I couldn’t go back. Same thing with Layla. Once I approved the banner, it was a done deal! 

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There was an added element to deciding on Layla’s name. I felt pretty strongly that her first name would have to sound good with a middle name of Josephine. Josephine is the name of my Gramma, the only grandparent I ever had. She passed away last fall, about 10 days after we found out we were pregnant again. I had booked a ticket up to see her, to say goodbye as she was very sick, and to tell her the good news: she was going to be a great grandmother again. She passed away the night before I flew home. The joy and sadness I felt at this time will always be intertwined so I felt like their names needed to be as well.

Layla Josephine seemed to work well. And now that she’s here, the name suits her beautifully. Of course it does. I just needed confirmation ;).

Please share – was naming your child a fun and easy part of the process for you? Did you share the name before baby’s arrival or keep it to yourselves?

committing to baby name

2 thoughts on “Committing to a Baby Name

  1. Oh my gosh! My baby Aurora Ryan is 10 months old and I STILL want to change it sometimes. It was a hard process because first my husband ddi not like the first 20 names that I liked so it was difficult. Then he conceded to Aurora which I had liked, then we told our family members and several of them hated it. But I am rebellious so that just cemented it even more for me, almost too much to where now I don’t know if I would have stuck with it has they not been slightly rude about the name. But I am indecisive anyway and we could not find a name that my husband liked so we just went for it. And now I have a hard time pronouncing it correctly sometimes which I had read complaints about when I was researching the name. So that worried me some. But I just keep telling myself it has to be easy enough to say if it is on the too of the charts right now. ALSO and probably the most important aspect is I don’t like the letter A!!! I have no idea why but I hate when I try to buy anything with just an A for her room or when people call her AJ. I just loved rhe name Aurora as it sounded, guess I did not like the A’s on paper. I don’t know!

    1. It’s such a BIG decision I know!! If it helps, I can only think of one way of pronouncing Aurora! Like Sleeping Beauty ;). Ellie sometimes tells me she’s princess Aurora haha. I have a friend that thinks her daughter “looks” like the runner up name more than the name they chose for her, and she’s 5! You could always call her Ryan? TOTALLY different but thats a cool girls name. Either way, I’m sure it will continue to grow on her!!

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