A baby-free getaway to Cabo

Babyfree vacation

A baby-free getaway: highly recommended

It was short but it was sweet. And the phrase “we should do this more often” was repeated often. Chris and I like to reminisce so we talked about the last time we were in Cabo, exactly two years ago on our Babymoon. We knew our lives were about to change, mostly for the better, and we promised each other that we would still take time for US, ideally in the form of mini vacations.

It took us until Ellie was 11 1/2 months old to spend the night away from her together (we had both been away separately for work), but now that she’s almost 2, it seems easier to leave her for a couple short days. My parents were more than happy to step in. They flew down from the Bay Area and played house with Ellie while we were in Mexico for 4 (too short) days.


There are million and two places to stay in Cabo – we chose Barcelo Grand Faro because it met a few of our criteria for this particular visit: 1) located in San Jose del Cabo (which we prefer over Cabo San Lucas), 2) all inclusive, 3) moderately priced, and 4) good reviews online. We thought when we were booking an Ocean Front room, we would be in a room that was ocean front (right??) but we found out when we arrived that those rooms were called Beach Front. So we upgraded for $50 a night. It was worth it.

Baby-free getaway in Cabo

When you have kids (or a kid) at home, the term “vacation” takes on a new definition. To us vacation now means laying by the pool with a cocktail and a good book. So that’s what our days consisted of…

…except for the morning we had to walk (bad choice) in the sweltering heat to the Mega store because I forgot to pack my strapless bra (oops) and the morning we took the bus into town to get some culture, coffee and a green juice.

But for the most part, we relaxed, we drank and we ate. The hotel’s food was actually pretty good…we definitely took advantage of the all-inclusive.

The best meal we had was off site, at Flora Farms. OMG. What a special night. It was one of those “once in a lifetime” meals that you vow will not be just once in a lifetime. First of all, the venue is amazing. You take a long cab ride out on a dirt, going-nowhere road and arrive at this gorgeous, green oasis.

Before our reservation we wondered the grounds with our vegetable infused cocktails in hand. I wish we had given ourselves more time…seriously, I could live there (and actually you CAN rent a cottage, I really hope to do that one day).

We dined amongst the (pesticide-free, GMO-free) vegetables, enjoyed the live music, and enjoyed conversations with the staff who were passionate about food and the farm.

That dinner was definitely a highlight. But no matter what, every time I go to Mexico, the people are always my favorite part. Whether a bartender at a swim up bar, a bellman that is super friendly, a cab driver you have a deep conversation with – I find those interaction to be the most memorable. Plus I love practicing my Spanish – and they always get a kick out of Chris’s Spanglish.

So yea, our trip was really great. Sure, we could have stayed a night longer but four days was a good amount of time to be away. It was fun to be just a pair again. We travel really well together and have traveled quite a bit so it felt good to do it again. As expected, we talked a ton about Ellie. How amazing she is, how lucky we are…and of course how life will change (again) once we have a second child. Will we be able to take a trip like this again? Will it be another 2 years? Longer?! Ugh, questions like that can panic me a little! So for now, I’ll tell myself that, Mexico – Nos vemos muy pronto!




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