2 year Blogiversary !!!

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Two years ago I hit publish on a post I called “Motherhood and Confidence” and decided it was time to share my work-in-progress blog with the world. It was actually more like a few family members and instagram friends but nevertheless, just as scary. Although I haven’t posted as much as I’d like lately, this little blog is still super important to me: a place where I can share information, relate with other moms, meet new people… and a creative space that’s all mine. 🙂

In that first post, I talked about the importance of a community when it comes to being a new Mom. I’m so lucky to say that in the last two years, my community has grown even more, especially via Instagram and this blog. I’ve loved nothing more in this blogging experience than to connect with fellow moms, friends, women. So, thank you thank you thank you!

I rarely if ever feel like I have this motherhood thing figured out. And I never feel like I deserve the sweet messages of thanks I receive from people who have read a post that has helped them in some way. I feel like the lucky one.

To celebrate my two year “blogiversary” , I have an Instagram Giveaway (valued at nearly $150) taking place this week. It features some of my favorite – and most supportive – Mama and Baby brands.

Up for grabs is:

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And THANK YOU again!! Much love.

best motherhood brands


4 thoughts on “2 year Blogiversary !!!

  1. I think the blog is a great idea. It really does help to network with other moms.
    My oldest will be 3 pretty soon, and my maternity ward “roommate” and I bonded immediately…and our kids share the same birthday. We kept in touch and over time formed an informal moms group…the members have come and gone but there are 6 of us and most of us have been here at least 2 years.
    We share problems and solutions, recipes, doctor recommendations, and we even babysit for each other occasionally.
    We are thinking of forming a play group for our kids. All of us but one have more than 1 kid, and we are planning to have play group meet twice a week, taking turns hosting it. It will be for our 2-3 year olds. It will give them a chance to play and socialize with a few other kids. It will get them used to being in another environment than their own, and it will give the non hosting moms a break. We have come to the general agreement of 4 hours. Long enough to give moms a break, and kids a chance to play without becoming stressed and frustrated. We figured from 9 AM – 1 PM, or 10 AM – 2 PM; we haven’t decided. The kids can bring snacks or lunch, so there will be a dedicated meal time, and nap or quiet time. For this reason, we are mostly leaning toward the 10 -2 time slot. At twice a week, probably Tuesdays and Thursdays, it shouldn’t get too busy or stressful.
    We have had some meetups where the kids played together, and they did quite well. We will start soon and give it 6 weeks…time for each of us to host twice, and evaluate everything. If it works, both kids and moms will be winners.

    1. I love that! All of it! And I think the playgroup already sounds like a win-win-win! I wish I knew more moms near me open to do this. Hmmm….you’re making me think……. !!

  2. Happy 2 year blogiversary, Mama J!! It takes a lot of courage (and work!) to put yourself out there like you have! You’ve given so many great creative ideas, super helpful tips, shared your learning experiences and wisdom, and shown such vulnerability along the way, making it a safe place to relate. Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us!

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