My baby is 18 months old!

easy toddler photo shoot

I’m not totally sure why this feels like such a mile marker for me. I’ve been referring to this day for a couple weeks as “Ellie’s Birthday” and Chris keeps rolling his eyes and correcting me: “It’s her HALF Birthday.” Yea, yea, but she’s EIGHTEEN months old! She’s actually an age you can describe without using months. She’s one and a half years old. Tomorrow she will be closer to two years old than one.

1 1/2 means she’s not a baby. Not that she hasn’t seemed like a toddler for a couple months, but still, it’s like it’s official. She’s a big girl!

Ellie at 18 months:

  • She is craving independence. She wants to do everything herself – whether it be feeding herself or putting away her toys. “Ellie turn!” “Ellie try!” “Ellie do it now!”
  • She knows her ABCs, and is starting to count past 10. And she even counts down from five (but that’s more because she’s mimicking my countdown-as-a-warning routine).
  • She has discovered drawing and squeals every time she sees a pen, wanting to drop whatever she’s doing and start scribbling. I just bought some color wonder pens and paper – and some jumbo WASHABLE crayons (yea, learned that lesson the hard way).
  • She is obsessed with having dance parties. No matter where we are, if she hears a song she likes, she wants everyone to get up and “dance, dance” – and you will get called out if you’re not participating.
  • She is communicating super effectively. She can string 3, 4, 5 words together to tell us what she wants (and what she doesn’t want, of course). It’s truly amazing and we feel so fortunate that she’s able to able to communicate at this level. As strong willed and stubborn as she is, I could see her getting very frustrated (more than she already does!) if she wasn’t able to get her needs across to us.
  • She will grow up to be either a makeup artist, dancer, or chef based on her favorite activities. Maybe she can give me lessons….

To kick off her half-birthday (Chris is rolling his eyes), I sang happy birthday to her while I was getting her out of her crib this morning. I quickly dressed her in a sweater dress that she’s never worn – and is almost too small for – and did a little impromptu photo shoot at 7:00 am. Isn’t that what everyone wants to start their day? She was a good sport, especially considering she hadn’t had her “baba” yet.

She’s just too cute for words! Happy half-birthday my Love!


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